Lannock Strata Finance

Lannock Strata Finance

Lannock Strata Finance specialises in financial services for strata communities.

Strata communities frequently need to undertake capital works such as fixing roofs, upgrading lifts, refurbishing windows, complying with fire safety regulations, replacing electrical and air-conditioning, security improvements, curing concrete cancer, updating foyers and common areas  renovations.

These activities improve capital value and increase rental return for owners. At the same time, they enhance the lifestyle of those living in the building.

Strata communities don’t have to rely on the scarce resources of a sinking or maintenance fund or imposing a special levy.

Sinking funds are a very expensive and inefficient form of funding for owners in strata corporations and every owner hates a special levy and they always come at the wrong time!

Lannock solves these problems.

Lannock lends to the strata corporation itself, not to the owners of the units. Lannock enables a strata community to complete projects without having to rely on the sinking fund or a dreaded special
 levy. The work can be completed now with no initial capital outlay.

How does this happen?

  • Lannock lends as little or as much as required
  • Finance is unsecured – this means no mortgages; no charges over bank accounts or levies; no liens over insurance proceeds; and no personal guarantees
  • Strata communities can choose a suitable finance term so that the monthly payments suit their budget
  • Rates can be fixed or variable
  • Repayments are made from the corporation’s administrative fund through administrative levies – no special levies and no lump sum payments

Lannock offers loans to residential and commercial strata plans.

For more information contact:

Brooke or Debbie at
Lannock Strata Finance Pty Ltd
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