Strata Loans

Strata finance

What is it?
When your owners corporation or body corporate needs money for renovation or rectification works, emergency repairs, or other capital requirements there are essentially three options to choose from:

  1. use money from a sinking fund
  2. raise a special levy
  3. take out a loan to cover the costs

All options are viable and should be considered depending on the circumstances but what if there is no money available in a sinking fund? Special levies are not often the favourite choice of owners as you are required to find the money to pay for this unplanned expense. By choosing strata finance however, funds are provided directly to your owners corporation or body corporate and the expense is paid through levies over time thereby taking away the burden of a lump sum. Strata financing provides the ability to commence work immediately without the need to raise unpopular special levies or wait for enough money to accumulate in your sinking fund.


What are the benefits of using StrataLoans for your strata finance?
Benefits are many including:

Peace of mind

  • The loans are unsecured and offered directly to owners corporations or bodies corporate
  • By taking out a loan your strata community is reducing the immediate cost burden for works
  • Funds can be accessed quickly once approved and projects can be carried out with minimal
  • Cash flow is freed up
  • Loans can be used for funding of mechanical, aesthetic and structural repairs and
    improvements to buildings

Improved lifestyle

  • Strata financing can save time and expense plus provide complete certainty of funding
  • It allows repairs and maintenance to be completed immediately without further
  • Finance may offer greater flexibility and peace of mind that capital values and building
    standards are being improved
  • Instead of doing small jobs as money becomes available, multiple repairs, maintenance or
    refurbishments can be bundled into one project, saving time and money whilst minimising disruption to owners

No large financial burdens

  • Loan repayments are incorporated into quarterly levies/fees
  • There is no mortgage or personal guarantee required to secure a loan

StrataLoans is a trusted and reputable provider of strata finance to the strata industry. Please visit to learn more or call us now on 1300 785 045.